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Natural Woven Coffins

Natural Woven Coffins at Colin Phillips CardiganEach one of these eco friendly wicker coffins and caskets has been intricately hand woven by skilled basket makers making each coffin unique, special and a personal tribute to a loved one. 


At Colin Phillips, we are able to source a number of eco-friendly finishes, and are here to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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Seagrass Curved End Coffin

Seagrass is renowned for its quality and durability, which makes it an ideal material for woven products. As the name implies Seagrass is indeed a grass - and sea water does play a part in production.

Seagrass is grown in paddy fields and at a certain point during the growing season, the fields are flooded with sea water. It is highly renewable and comes from environments where sustainability practices are employed. Once harvested Seagrass is Seagrass Traditional Coffindried and then spun into a strong yarn ready for weaving. 


Seagrass Round CasketHas a subtle greeny Seagrass Oblong Casketbrown apperance is naturally handcrafted using traditional methods.








Natural Cane Curved End Coffin Cane is very environmentally friendly due to the fact that it is very fast growing, as much a six metres a year. Cane grows in degraded forests and in marginal soil, in areas where other land products cannot grow, for example areas that remain flooded for long periods of time.  

 In addition Cane clings to  exisiting tropical rainforest trees and so actively encouraging the preservation Natural Cane - Traditional Coffinof trees in the rainforest. 

Cane Round CasketIt can be introduced artificially in natural forests without disturbing the existing natural eco system.  It provides income to some of the poorest people living in and on the fringes of the rainforests.Cane - Oblong Casket







Willow Coffin - Curved End StyleWillow coffins are by far the ultimate in environmental recycling . Willow is grown in rows of bushes, and once harvested can generate back to the same height within a single year.

Willow - Traditional Shaped CoffinWillow has been known to grow up to 3 meters annually and has the ability to degrade much more quickly than conventional hardwoods making it an ideal eco material.






Banana Leaf Coffin - Curved EndBanana Leaf coffins are made from the leaves of the banana plant. In the process of making these coffins the leaves are removed carefully and spun into long yarns and woven around a natural tohiti frame making them strong, lightweight and golden coloured in appearance.

Banana Leaf - Traditional CoffinBanana leaves are fast growing, freely available and are 100% completely natural and biodegradable. The Coffins are available in the Traditional or Curved end shape and each come with a fitted natural cotton liner.



Loom - Curved End CoffinLLoom - Round Casketoom coffins are made from natural paper which is spun into long yarns and woven around a tohiti frame.

They have an off brown colour with cream coloured cane implemented into the design. The loom coffins are available in the Curved end shape and come with a natural fitted cotton liner.



Cocostick Traditional CoffinCocostick Oblong CasketCocostick coffins are made out of stems from the leaves of coconut palms which are fast growing by-products of the coconut tree. In the process of making cocostick the leaves are dried out and stems separated producing tiny sticks which are strung together to produce the attractive natural colour variation that you can see.


The Coffins are available in the Traditional coffin shape and each comes with a fitted natural cotton liner.



Colours - Natural Woven CoffinsNatural Woven Colours range of coffins are unique and colourful and are a perfect compliment to your loved ones. They are available in the following colours, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink and Green. All are completely natural and are coloured using natural dyes. The coffins are available in two shapes, Curved end and Traditional, both come with fitted cotton liners.

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